Facilities and health care, Educational and medical of Arvand Free Zone organisation to health sector, Treatment and Medical Education in thearea

According to the department of public relations in Arvand Free zone, with the aim of improving the health of the local population, 138 billion Rials has been allotted to the field of Health and Medical Education of Abadan.
Seyed Ebrahim Mir Moosavi, the manager of public relations department, in this regard added:  It is our duty to take steps for promoting Hygienic and health Indicatorsand increase public satisfaction. With the necessary studies in order to solve the housing problem for female students of Abadan’s Medical Sciences School, an amount of 10 billion and 300 million Rials has been paid towards the deposit of accommodation for female students.
And also to deliver services to people of the region, 48 ambulances are required, 30 of them are purchased by the Arvand Free zone organisation and the rest are provided by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.
Mir Moosavi in another part said: Allocation of 20 billion Rials to rehabilitate and 11 billion Rials to equip the 200 beds hospital of Shahid Beheshti, 35 billion Rials for equipping research centres and laboratories, and 55 billion Rials to renew Valie asr hospital of Khorramshahr is another action of this organisation in the health and treatment of the area.

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