Designing a safe future for Arvand Free Zone by economical approach

Head of Abadan Medical College considered paying attention to major policies in health and hygiene of the zone necessary and indispensable.
Public relations department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, The second meeting of Health Applied Council was held in presence of Hojatoleslam Zam, tourism, cultural and social deputy of Secretariat of Free Zones of the country, Doctor Fallah, Health manager of the secretariat, Doctor Amoozandeh, Head of Abadan Medical Sciences College and Hygienic and Therapeutic Services, Seyed Morteza Nematzadeh, tourism, social and cultural deputy of the organization and some of officials of Hygiene Department and local therapy and members of Arvand Health Applied Council.
Amoozandeh described current hygienic and therapeutic situation of the zone and added: The vision of the organization in the field of health is completely appreciableand it’s necessary to reinforce the future view so as to develop hygienic and therapeutic services in the event of this positive and prospective view. Capabilities and necessary fields for organizing hygienic and therapeutic services have been prepared at the present time.
He in regards to developing economical part of health said, It is necessary to consider standards for achieving desirable level of hygienic and therapeutic services. Hygienic and. therapeutic standards and procedure and related issues needs to be read out and revised.
Evaluating health economy and the role it performs in developing Arvand Free Zone should be our researching priority in economic part of the zone. There are plenty of opportunities for taking actions in this field.
Running the economic cycle by relying on hygiene and health will have many results in employment and development of business space.
Other subjects including development of the zone, income of people, rising living standard, job and financial cycle were the most important issues which will have basic and distinctiverole in health economy of Arvand.
Creating sub structures to supply therapeutic needs medical equipment and supplying demands in medicines market and therapeutic consumptions of Khuzestan Province can be considered as the start of a conversation about economy of health. Local and foreign investors should pay more attention to this subject more remarkably.
Tourism therapy would be a result of developing health and hygiene in the zone as a long term goal after providing conditions of development and supplying needs inside the zone, especially in Khuzestan Province.
Hojatoleslam Zam, cultural deputy of the secretariat in the meeting stated, Opportunity and security are two entrance keys for involving the private sector to the field of hygiene and therapy of Arvand. Paying attention and reinforcing the private sector in order to be present and investing and economy of health will be landmarks and the main points of evolution and development in the zone and provide suitable condition for developing mind-ware and software devices in addition to physical development.
At last, he in regards to mind ware development said, Providing conditions for presenting top local and international experts who are majored in hygiene, therapy and medical sciences in Arvand Free Zone is one of the objects of developing mind ware. The development path should be taken through applied planning.

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