Glorification ceremony for persons with disabilitiesof the zone attended by the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organisation

EsmaeilZamani,met some rehabilitation institutions on the occasion of the international day of persons with disabilities.
Public relations department of Arvand Free Zone Organisation reports, EsmaeilZamani the CEO and Chairman of the Board in his visit with persons with disabilities said: the international day of persons with disabilities was declared in 1992 by the General Assembly ofUnited Nations. The purpose of determining this day is to promote the growth of public opinion about various disabilities and to raise awareness of the issues which should result in joining the people with disabilities to the of political, social, economic and culturalsectors.
The slogan of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities in these years was, Access for all in the new millennium that the same slogan was at the topofall activities.
He in this visit added: More than five hundred million people sufferfrom disabilitiesbecause of a mental, physical or senseweakness. They face limitations in their lives wherever they are in the world due to their physical or social barriers.During the last twenty years significant efforts have been taken to introduce people with disabilities to human society that one of them was the International Day of Disabled Persons.
The CEO and Chairman of the Boardof directors of Arvand Free Zone Organisation added: this organisation is in line with global thinking and believes that what is matter is the thought and soul, not the body. This organisation is also trying to respect the level of humanity and consider all citizens in the community with the same view and provide equal services to all.
He pointed out the saying of the supreme leader and said: the supreme leader has a great phrase in this regards which says: when the soul is strong, it does not matter if the body is infirm. The humanity is within the soul.
Zamani at the end added: The most famous disabled person in the world, Contemporary scientist Stephen Hawking and his scientific achievements in the field of physics is an example of what the supreme leader said.
In the sincere visit of the CEO and the chairman of the board of directors of Arvand free zone organisation and disabled persons of the zone, an exhibition of the capabilities of persons with disabilities was held and memorial gifts were presented to them at the end.

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