Omanis in Arvand Free Zone

Commercial, trade and investment delegation of Oman visited capacities of Arvand Free Zone.
Public relations and international affairs department of Arvand free zone organisation reports, a delegation consisting of 22 businessmen and investors in various fields of industry, trade and commerce, tourism and agriculture entered Arvand Free Zone and visited capacities of Arvand Free Zone.
Visiting business activities and export process, dry port in the commercial border of Shalamcheh, Khorramshahr port and some industries such as Iran Offshore Engineering and Construction Company were among the most important programs of the mentioned delegation’s one-day visit to Arvand Free Zone.
Hafez Al Rabiy Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Al Batinah Province of Oman in a joint meeting with its delegation and managers of Arvand Free Zone Organization, experts and businessmen at the Chamber of Commerce in Khorramshahr said: our purpose of traveling to Arvand is to identify investment opportunities in the region, particularly after the nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions.
There are great Relationships, cultural, Social and economic closeness between Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran in Arvand Free Zone and we are seeking to use this common ground to help both parties in economic growth and development.
He by referring to the homogeneous population of Batinah province and Arvand Free Zone Added: In Arvand Free zone similar to Batinah the population is half a million people and these factors can help us to formulate common strategy for economic, trade and investment. There are many common ways for mutual interactions. Activities such as commodity trading and services in agriculture, tourism and attracting tourists, the use of skilled and semi-skilled manpower are factors that could strengthen the economic, social and cultural relations.
Al Rabiy at the end expressed his hope for senior managers of Arvand Free zone to pay mutual visits to capacities, economic and investment facilities in various sectors in Oman to build alliances between Iran and Oman businessmen and investors to create economic growth and development.

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