Establishing logistic city in the most economic spot of Arvand Free Zone

The head of Urban Planning and Geographical Information of Arvand Free Zone Organization announced the creation of a Logistics City in the commercial border of Shalamcheh.
Public relations and international affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organisation reports, Majid Rahimi, in the first meeting ofholding a competition for designing the entrance gate of Arvand Free Zone Shalamcheh border which was held with the presence of EsmaeilZamani the CEO and chairman of the board of directors, the head of Visual Arts in Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, a group of experts in the field of architecture and urbanism in Tehran said: the development of Abadan and Khorramshahr is continuing by forming Arvand Free Zone  considering the fact of going through the imposed war. If these two cities did not have certain conditions, Abadan and Khorramshahr were among the major cities of the country.
He by emphasizing on the sustainable and comprehensive development of Arvand Free Zone said: Shalamcheh commercial border is considered to be the most strategic part of Arvand Free Zone because Shalamcheh is the most accessible place and the area for entering the prone market of the neighbour country of Iraq.
The amount of trade and export from this border to Iraq is very high, this lead into thinking about starting the entrance of Arvand Free Zone from this point.
This is while Shalamcheh commercial border faces large volume of Hosseini pilgrims every year and this is a very important advantage in the development of tourism in Arvand.
Rahimi, in regards to designing the entrance gate of Arvand Free Zone, Shalamcheh border said: this gate compared to other gates under construction in the region and the entry points of cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr has additional features.
This entrance is a gateway for the cultural, trade and economic exchange between Iran and Iraq. Accordingly, its design and architecture is unique.
The first referee committeemeeting for design competition of Arvand Free Zone Shalamcheh border entrance gate was held in Tehran. It is worth noting that this competition is supposed to be held by Arvand Free Zone and with the participation of “international group of RehShahr”.
Referee committee of this competition are Iraj Kalantari, Kamran AfsharNaderi, KavehRostampour, Amir Hossein Taheri and Majid Moala Noroozi who is a cultural,visual art and architecturalactivistof the country.

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