Arvand taxi license plates are exempted from paying duties and taxes

Deputy of investment and business development of Arvand Free Zone Organisation announced the exemption of entry duties, transfers and port fees for Arvand taxis.
Public relations and international affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organisation reports, Mohammad Reza Motamedi in an interview with IRIB correspondent of Abadan said: Arvand license plate taxis will soon be delivered to applicants for plating by traffic police. Currently, 200 Arvand license plate taxis are considered to be used in Arvand Free Zone in which 50 of these cars are imported designed and are ready for delivery.
He continued: in the first phase two models of Accent and Elantra from Hyundai Company entered the port of Khorramshahr.
Deputy of investment and business development noted, bank loans with the interest of 4% in the amount of three hundred Million Rials has been considered for the taxi owners of Abadan and Khorramshahr in order to purchase these taxis.
Mohammad Reza Motamedi referred to the fact that so far 300 people from Abadan and 150 people from Khorramshahr have registered for Arvand license plate taxis and said: Abadan and Khorramshahr citizens applying for registration must have an introduction letter from taxi office of Khorramshahr or Abadan and refer to the Customs Management of Arvand Free Zone Organization to take necessary actions.
It is worth noting that 50 Arvand License plate taxis after performing customs formalities and designing, are now ready for plating by the traffic police.
He at the end noted: The new highlight and effective action of this organisation for reducing the costs of taxis is approval of the board upon which all Arvand License plate taxis will be exempt from entry, plating, transport and port fees. With this new legislation from members of the board of Arvand Free Zone Organization, the cost of taxis and public services will be reduced from 3 to 5 Million Tomans which is an important factor in accelerating the modernization and development of public transport fleet in the region.

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