Establishment of architecture and urbanism association in Arvand Free Zone

Majid Rahimi, director of Urban and rural infrastructure development at Arvand Free Zone Organization announced signing a memorandum of understanding between this organization and Visual Arts Center of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance for the establishment of architecture and urbanism association in Arvand Free Zone.
Public relations and international affairs department of Arvand Free zone organization reports, MOU was signed in a meeting held with the presence of Esmaeil Zamani the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization, authorities and officials in the fields of Architecture and urbanism.
Zamani considered activity of specialists and engineers trained in architecture and urbanism in Arvand Free Zone as the most important human capital.
He added, architecture and focusing on the environment and beautification of the city, has direct connection with main indicators of development in social and cultural dimensions that is why the development and prosperity of architecture in one area strengthens its cultural identity and originality.

The CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization, referring to the fact that human intellectual abilities are considered as comparative advantages  noted, For the benefit of a modern urban society with identity, history and culture, it is necessary to strengthen the human resources community to contribute towards the development of decision making processes.
This association is an important achievement for the development of urban space and architecture in the region and could be a factor for integrating into a modern urban society.
There are valuable monuments in Abadan and Khorramshahr which can be considered as a model of urban development and preserving and studying these monuments is the starting point for architecture and urbanism association.
Arvand Free Zone architecture and urbanism association is a way of addressing the key issues in architecture including the philosophy of architecture, Art and its links with architecture, Facade and urban landscape and urban graphics.

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