Optical fiber in Arvand Free Zone

Developments and improvements of telecommunication infrastructures in Abadan and Khorramshahr
Kamal Rezaiy, the Director of ICT department of Arvand Free Zone Organization announced the delivery of telecommunication optical fiber to free zone organizations and authorities.
Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand free zone organization reports, in the meeting with information communications technology institutions officials and authorities of Khuzestan province in the auditorium of Arvand Free Zone, Fiber-optic communication lines were delivered to Organizations, agencies, companies and institutions in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr in a joint cooperation of Arvand Free Zone and Telecommunication company.
At the same meeting, six specialized subjects in the field of fiber optic networks, transmission wires, value-added wires, request method, and delivery of new network (marketing) were presented to the audience along with instructional videos.
Setting up showrooms, exhibition equipments and installations were among the other plans of information communications technology officials for organizations and agencies in Arvand Free Zone where performance practices of advanced Telecommunications networks and wires were introduced.
Kamal Rezaiy, The director of ICT department of Arvand Free Zone Organization referring to the growth and progress in telecommunications infrastructure in the region said, today a wide range of areas in Arvand Free Zone have the capability of using the world most advanced telecommunication networks.  With the implementation of the approved project, modern equipments and facilities will be available to the whole region of Arvand Free Zone.
Rezaiy referring to some features of this new technology in Arvand added, among the services available in fiber-optic network, it is capable of providing broadband at the speed of up to one hundred megabytes per second. This feature will also be able to residential and commercial buildings as well as organizations.

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