Director of Business Improvement and Competition Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization negotiated with the General Director of Political Affairs of the Ministry of Transportation and Digital Infrastructure of Germany

Public Relations and International affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, at the ninth exhibition of Kish Invex with the aim of introducing investment opportunities of the country, negotiations between the representative of Arvand Free Zone organization and the German delegation took place.
In this negotiation, Jabar Aboud zadeh while explaining logistic potentials and investment capacities in Arvand Free Zone and expressing satisfaction with the investment of German companies in various fields such as wind power plants reported some problems which German companies are facing and while requesting to solve these problems invited the German delegation to visit Arvand Free Zone capacities.
Mr. Gerhard Schulz expressed his satisfaction with the invitation and announced his readiness to cooperate in order to solve problems of German investors in Arvand Free Zone. While reflecting the above-mentioned issues to the officials of Germany in order to solve problems of German investors, he announced the presence of this delegation at the first opportunity in Arvand Free Zone.

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