Launching Comprehensive Business System in Arvand Free Zone

Arvand Comprehensive Business System is launched in for the mechanization of administrative procedures and transparency in the field of electronic services.
Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization reports, Kamal Rezaiy, director of ICT infrastructures said, Arvand Comprehensive Business system is launched in three different phases.
Director of ICT infrastructures said, at the first phase, a database was created to store information of merchants, customs clearance staff and active stores in the area of Arvand Free Zone.
He added, at the second phase of the project, the mechanization operation was carried out for all areas of customs under the name of Comprehensive Customs System. Also, the third phase of the project is designed and will be in operation in order to allocate goods to active stores in the region and to control the management of goods at the exist gates.
Rezaiy referring to the importance of this system said, customs and commercial procedures are tested by experts of related areas.
This system is now available online through the Electronic Services section of Arvand Free Zone Organization website at
It is worth mentioning that Arvand Business Comprehensive System will integrate all commercial and customs processes in the region, therefore all businessmen and customs clearance staff are invited to register online as soon as possible.

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