About Abadan & Khorramshahr

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Abadan city is very beautiful peninsula in extreme southwestern Iran. The city is situated in Khuzestan, part of the oil-producing region of Iran. Abadan lies on an island of the same name along the eastern bank of the Arvand (river), 33 miles (53 km) from the Persian Gulf.

The city thus lies along Iran’s border with Iraq. Abadan Island is bounded on the west by the Arvandand on the east by the Bahmanshir, which is an outlet of the Karun River.

The island is 42 miles (68 km) long and from 2 to 12 miles (3 to 19 km) wide.Abadan city is located between 30 deg. 22 min & 30s north latitude and 48 deg. 12 min & 30 s east longitude from Greenwich meridian and its height from sea level is 2 meter. Abadan city is about 2063/1 square km.

regarding Oil Refinery, Petrochemical factory and access to free waters, it allocates important place in national economy. Creating Arvand Trade & Industrial Free Zone in parts of Abadan & Khorramshahr in recent years has doubled their important and effective location.

Agriculture in Abadan is dedicated to cultivate date tree (Nakhl). The number of available date tree is estimated to be 4 million.



Khorramshahr city between 48 deg and 1 min to 48 deg and 30 min. east longitude from GW meridian and 30 deg and 19 min to 30 deg and 58 min. north latitude from equator is one of southern city of Khuzestan Province and its last name was Mohamrah.

It is with 23 square km (according to 1385 census) and 123.000 population located in marshy area and Arvand rood delta. Khorramshahr is the first and biggest Middle East port before the imposed war and is nowadays the second container port. The strategic & trade location has led to development of this city so it was called as bride of Middle East cities.

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