About Abadan & Khorramshahr

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Abadan and Khorramshahr
Abadan is a beautiful peninsula with 46 kilometres length and 3 to 20 kilometres width in Delta of Arvand River. It is located among Bahmanshir, Karun and Arvand rivers in opening mouth of the Persian Gulf and with 110 kilometres distance to Ahvaz and in neighbourhood of Kuwait and Iraq.
Centre of Abadan is located in 30 degrees and 22 minutes northern width and 48 degrees and 12 minutes and 30 seconds southern width from the Prime Meridian (Greenwich) and its elevation is 2 meters. Area of Abadan is approximately 1.2063 m^2.
Abadan is considered as the most watery town of Khuzestan Province because Arvand and Bahmanshir rivers flow in it and due to oil refinery, petrochemical company and accessibility to international waters it has a significant position in the economy of country. Creating Arvand Free Industrial and Commercial Zone in the recent years in some parts of Abadan and Khorramshahr has multiplied effective situation of these two towns.
Agriculture in Abadan has been assigned to implant and grow date palms. It has been estimated that over 4 million date palms exist in this area. There are other types of dates including Samaran, Brehi, Ghantar, Halawi and bereymi.
Tah lanji market in Abadan is always crowded and full of passengers who create special condition there. Other markets and bazars of town include Amiri St, Fish bazar, large bazar of the town, Kuwaitis Bazar and other trade centres that attracts many passengers and tourists from different cities.

Khorramshahr is one of the southern cities of Khuzestan Province. Khorramshahr has an area of 23 km2 and population of 123000 (according to census in 1385). It was previously called Mohmareh.
It is located in marshy area and Arvand rood delta. Khorramshahr is the first and the biggest Middle East port before the imposed war and is nowadays the second container port. The strategic and trade location has led to development of this city. Due to this, Khorramshahr was called as the bride of Middle East.
The passage of Karun from the heart of this city and dividing it to two parts, connecting bridge between these two on wavy and roaring Karun has made it a beautiful scene. Passing boats and ships especially passenger boats and floating restaurant with pleasing effect in the heart of night make this beauty of Karun & Khorramshahr hundredfold. This city has seen a great war throughout history.

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