About Minoo island

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Minoo Island

Not so long before, Minoo Island was known as Salbokh Island. It includes two branch of Arvand rood and it is located in 10 km away from Khorramshahr. The biggest diameter of island is 2.6 km and its area is 17.8 square Km.

Minoo Shahr is small green city located in the heart of island and considered as its biggest village. This city with population of about 12.000 and its beautiful date trees reaching the sky is considered natural resort for people of Abadan & Khorramshahr.

There are 5 large rivers in Minoo Island which two of them are divided from Jorf River and three of them from Arvand rood so agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing have special place in this island. With Planning made by Arvand Free Zone, this island will become a tourism hub in the future.

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