Capabilities & Facilities

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1٫ Rapid, easy and cheap access to regional and global markets through road, rail, air and marine transportation.
2٫ Cheap energy
3٫ Infrastructure for export, import and transit of goods
4٫ Possibility of access to skilled & cheap workforce
5٫ facilities and installation of industrial and municipal infrastructure
6٫ Abadan International Airport.
7٫ Khorramshahr port with port facilities and equipment for containerized and non-containerized goods.
8٫ Facilities of dry port and Shalamcheh bordering market for exporting to Iraq.
9٫ Abadan Oil Refinery
10٫ Available infrastructures of rail and road network in the region and having the potential of expanding railway network.
11٫ Existence of country’s three main rivers in the region.
12٫ Capability of accepting immigrants and familiarity of people with other languages.
13٫ Possibility of expanding agriculture with reclamation of cultivable lands.

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