• Road transportation

    Arvand has road transportationinfrastructure and benefits from connecting to road transport network. The most important available communicational center include:

    Abadan- Khorramshahr highway with 15 km Khorramshahr- Shalamcheh highway with 12 km Abadan- Mahshahr main road with 120 km Abadan-Ahwaz highway with 110 km Khorramshahr- Ahwaz main road with 120 km

  • Shipping

    Khoramshahr port with an area of 230 hectares is located in northwestern Persian Gulf at the confluence of Arvand and Karun river. This port, the country's second container port, is only45 km away from the Persian Gulf and currently has 9 active wharfs and 7 wharfs under construction with capacity to accept ships with 6 m draft. Khoramshahr port capacity is between 4000 to 6000 tons per day. This port has long history of marine trade and its wharfs construction and exploitation goes back to 1308.  Not long time ago, Khorramshahr port was considered one of the country's biggest port including 20 active wharfs.

    Special benefits of clearance of imported goods from Khorramshahr Port •    business profit up to 25% •    benefit from facilities& Advantages of Arvand Free Trade-Industrial Zone •    connectivity and easy access to international terrestrial, aerial, railway transport •    The closest Industrial- Trade Free Zone to Iraq, Kuwait and Central Asia •    Having the country's biggest marine passenger terminal •    Utilization of modern loading & unloading container equipment •    Issue certificate of origin and tradable warehouse receipt •    The most economical country's transit route •    Having special wharf for berthing roll on/roll off ship •    Having specialized sailor training center •    Access to freshwater resources Abadan Port This port located on the edge of Arvand river has 5 active wharfs with 300 m berthing length and draft with 5.5 meter depth. Total area of this port is 5.6 hectares, area of roofed warehouse is 2000 m^2and its loading area is 26000 m^2. Multifunctional wharf is also used for fishing activities and etc. Acceptance of different vessel is very limited due to its draft low depth, and its capacity is 5000 tons. There is possibility of transferring passengers to neighboring countries. About 300 passengers are transported per day and the transport capacity will reach 700 individuals in the near future. business profit up to 20% off City facilities like hotels Marine Passenger Terminal Proximity to Abadan Refinery Flexibility to accept variety of vessels from 20 to 5000 tons Access to significant freshwater resources( Arvand & Bahmanshir rivers) Proximity to Khorramshahr port and enjoying from its communicational benefits.

  • Khorramshahr Railway

    Arvand Free Zone connects to nationwide rail network through Khoramshahr. Also Khoramshahr port connects to Khoramshahr station through rail tracks and has significant role in transferring imported goods to inside country or for loading in the port. The plan of connecting Khoramshahr railway to Shalamcheh and its continuation to Basre and linking it with nationwide railway in Iraq has finished with the length of 17 km and has launched its following to Basre city in Iraq. With its completion, country's railway is connected to Iraq and east Mediterranean countries through Khoramshahr and great development will be done in the field of transit, exchanging goods and passengers. Low cost, high security and high speed transition are all benefits of rail transport than other means of transportation. Also the plan of connecting rail track of Imam Khomeini Port to Khorramshahr is under investigation and this case is promising formation of suitable transit route through AFZ to Iraq. It should be mentioned that Shalamcheh railway is extended to zero point border and it is under operation now. Its exports is with low cost and high security.

  • Abadan Airport

    Abadan Airport is located in western Abadan and AFZ  zone.Its construction background goes back to construction of Abadan Refinery building. It has one terminal, 1 main flight runway with 3400 m and 1 subordinate runway with 2400 m. Also it is equipped with DVORand ILS modern navigation systems. Considering its geographic location in Arvand, Abadan Airport can be considered asthe biggest and the most active Cargo Terminal in Iran. Arvand Free Zone has 3 sites for industrial, tourism and business activities and Abadan Airport is within tourism site. This zone has benefits which put Abadan Airport in especial place and this illuminates the importance of its development and growth. It is one of fundamental & strategic benefits of AFZ. It is more successful and with more income than other country's airportsand it should makeinvestment for its trade reactivation.



Abadan Airport

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