• Introduce a package of industrial investment

    Production a variety of compact discs Production of engine oil filter Production of automobile body parts Production of automotive gas cooler condenser Production of industrial ventilation and propeller of motorboat Production of disinfectant Production of pharmaceutical glycerin Construction of white oil Production of galvanized sheet Wallpaper of  PVC Polymer  alloy Production of esters of acrylic resin (surface coating ,paper ,glue  ,printing Ink, etc) Construction of polyacrylic acid Electronic equipment manufacturing

  • Khoramshahr industrial site

    This site with an area of 3600 hectares includes: khoramshahr industrial town with an area about 1200 hectares, the former special economic zone with an area of 600 hectare. And the rest of land is ready for assigning. The site is enclosed by 24 km wall. Its main advantage is existence of custom and the enjoyment of located manufacturing units.

    Establishment of custom and take full advantage of the benefits of free zones -

    Installation of CCTV cameras and security guards Establish secure through _

    Existence of powerhouse and provide the required energy_

    Proximity to the container port of Khoramshahr and Shalmche land border _

    Predict major projects including the country's rail network connectivity.

    Cost of utilizing energy in industrial site

    Water(per cubic meter) 4000rials
    Electrivity(per cubic meter) 700rials
    Gas(per cubic meter) 773per kilowatt

  • Abadan industrial site

    The site is located in an area with 5000hectars in east of Karun river and industrial site that about 700hectares of it constitude for fish farming site,400hectares for Abadan industrial estate and remaining 3900 hectares are lands. Advantages -400  hectare surrounded site_ Easy access to roads connecting (Ahwaz, mahshahr) -Make full use of the free zones benefits _

  • The site of AFZ industrial

    This site with an area of 8600hectares has been divided into two parts Abadan industrial site and Khoramshahr industrial site.

    The most striking feature of this zone is passing karun river and chanal water through the industrial site.


    Company name

    Various kind of ring for automobiles

    Saipa ring

    High power electricity generation

    Saba power and energy company

    Production of alcohol fuel

    Arvand fanavaran company

    Pipe and polyethylene fitting and polypropylene

    Pipe and polyethylene fittings

    Refining crude oil and a variety of oil products

    Abadan oil refining company

    Engine oil and furfural Iranol oil company

    Types of floating platforms(offshore structure)

    Iranian marine consruction engineering co.

    detergents Pakine shoy
    Types of floating offshore and platforms

    Sahele arvand marine industry town

The relative advantages of industrial investment in Arvand free zone

Active companies

See the list of active units in the table below