• CEO’s message

    In the name of god The goals of arvand free zone make macro guiding and make a part and set a effective planning and design suitable structure . We try to be passive in economic activity , and has effective and productivity to improve nice our goals in arvand free zone organization and try to make development economy civil and investment in special in abadan and khoramshahr city and keep travian economic .

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    On of the most important ideas of arvand free zone and specially economic in the rule is itow we manage trade industry zone in republic islamic iran civil and from abadan , grow and development in economic , investment and increas of common income , make a productivity and employment , set the market , produce and export industrial and make common service . Esmail Zamani Head Manager and manager of Arvand Free Zone Organization

  • Company registration

    The latest information on how to participate, and the rules relating to registration in Arvand Free Zone read Document required for registration of Limited Liability Company Documents required for business offices closure Documents required for Institute registration Documents required for registration of an Institute Documents required for registration of cooperative company Documents required for registration of Joint Stock Company Required documents for branch registration of a foreign company Required documents for branch registration of Iranian company in Arvand Free Zone Download

  • Capabilities & Facilities

    1. Rapid, easy and cheap access to regional and global markets through terrestrial, aerial and marine transportation. 2. Cheap energy 3. Infrastructure for export, import and transit of goods 4. Possibility of access to skilled & cheap workforce 5. facilities and installation of Industrial and municipal infrastructure 6. Abadan international airport. 7. Khoramshahr port with port facility and equipment for containerized and non-containerized goods. 8. Facilities of dry port and Shalamcheh bordering market for exporting to Iraq. 9. Abadan Oil Refinery 10. Having infrastructure of railroad network in the region and having the potential of expanding railway network. 11. Existence of country’s three main rivers in the region. 12. The capability to accepting the immigrant and familiarity of people to other languages. 13. Facility of using neighboring regions like Imam Khomeini Port for transiting goods. 14. The possibility of expanding agriculture part with reclamating cultivable lands.

  • About Arvand

    Arvand Free Zone is located along parsion gulf and covers 172 square kilometers. It,s at the confluence of two large rivers (Arvand and Karoon ) including parts of Abadan & Khorramshahr cities and has common border with Iraq and Kuwait. With having massive capacity of terrestrial, railway and aerial transportation and also easy access to international waters and marine especially being nearby Basre, the Iraq second largest province make this zone of particular importance and change it to be the major trade gateway to Iraq and following it to Mediterranean countries. Also this zone is as communication center and pilgrimage route to Holy Shrines. This region and its neighboring towns, Abadan & Khorramshahr has recognized as Trade, industrial, Agriculture and tourism center.

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