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Frequently Asked Questions are listed in this section
General questions
Question: what is Free zone and why is it established?
Answer: Free zone is part of the mainland which is entirely encapsulated and does not cover country’s Customs legislation. It is established to develop exportation, increase employment and public revenue.
Question: What activities can be created in Arvand Free Zone?
Answer: Free Zone has three parts, commercial, industrial and tourist activities. Any economic activity that is technical, financial and economically justified can be created.
Question: If the employer is located in the Arvand Free Zone, but the work is outside the scope, am I entitled to the tax breaks?
Answer: No
Question: what activities in free zone is tax free?
Answer: Any economic activity that takes place within the free zone and has exploit license, is exempted from any direct taxes for 20 years from the date specified in the permit.
Question:for industrial activities what infrastructure are in Arvand Free Zone?
Answer:Industrial zone has an area of 8,000 hectares in Arvand Free Zone and an area of 3,600 hectares of it, is fully enclosed and customs of the Islamic Republic is based on the entrance gate. In every industrial sector, infrastructure of water, electricity, sewage and telephone are available.
Question: Are any companies operating in the industrial area?
Answer: With regard to the distribution range of industries which includes Industrial Towns of Abadan and Khorramshahr and also the special economic zone that is former of Khuzestan, currently there are more than 50 industrial units which are operating.
Question: How can we create industrial activity in the area?
Answer: You can use the following steps to perform industrial activities: By providing a summary of the plan to the management of industry- Initial approval and registration of the company- completing the technical feasibility, financial and economic form and receive establishment license- Introducing to divest the land- Start and completion of construction activities
Question: How can we take advantage of tax breaks for service activities?
Answer: In order to use your tax exemption, you must meet the following conditions: worked in Arvand Free Zone- the activity scope of the contract should be Arvand Free Zone- must have an authorized licensor of reliable exploit from Arvand Free Zone.

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