Organization Chart

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Position Name and Surname Telephone Fax Email Photo
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Esmaeil Zamani 00986153268282 00986153268082 old
Board Member


Ali Shamkhani 00986153268282 00986153268082 shamkhani
Board Member Mohammad Forozandeh 00986153268282 00986153268082 forozandeh
Board Member

Deputy CEO


Abdollah Kaabi 00986153268282 00986153268082
Board Member

Deputy of Management Development

Ahmad Rostami 00986153267025 00986153267015 images_modiran_a.rostami
Deputy of Investment and business development Mohammadreza Motamedi 00986153267019 00986153267010 1L1A0464
Deputy of Technical and infrastructure

Young assistant of secretary of the High Council of Free Zones Advisor  to CEO

Mowood Shamkhani 00986153269006 00986153269006 mood_shamkhani
Deputy of Social, Culture and Tourism Seyed Morteza Nematzadeh 00986153268282 00986153268082 nematzadeh
Management of Investment Mahmood Eidan Torkzadeh 00986153268281 00986153261120 torkzadeh
Management of Public Relations and International Affairs Ebrahim Echresh 00986153268082 00986153268082 Echresh01
Management of Inspections and Objections Isa Khazinepour 00986153261120 00986153264017 khazinehpor2
Management of Statistics and Project Management Mohammad Hossein Norollah Dezfuli 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Industrial areas Development Hassan Cheraghi Kootiani 00986153267011 00986153267011 h.cheraghi
Management of Legal Affairs and Contracts Seyed Zeinolabedin Mousavi 00986153267011 00986153267011 zeynolabedin_mousavi
Management of Environment and Health Seyed Mehdi Mousavi Sandrooni 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Finance Fereydoon Yazdani 00986153267011 00986153261120
Management of Physical Infrastructure Faleh Safaiy Darbandi 00986153269005 00986153269006 IMG-20160410-WA0017
Management of Urban and Rural Infrastructure Majid Rahimi Ghashghaiy 00986153261120 00986153268080 ۱L1A3245-300x200 (2)
Management of Tourism and cultural heritage Development Mehdi Asadian 00986153261120 00986153268080 asadian
Management of Social and Sport


Peiman Adibi 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Improving business environment and competition development Jabar Aboudzadeh 00986153511114-5 00986153511114-5 aboodzadeh
Management of Human Resources Ali Ramezani Motlagh 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Support Mojtaba Ganjizadeh 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Planning Shirin Mishel Ghashghaiy 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Information and Communication Technology Kamal Rezaiy 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Urban and Rural Services Hossein Hamidpour 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Culture and Islamic Guidance Homayoon Ghanavati 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of CEO department Seyed Ebrahim Mirmousavi 00986153267011 00986153267011
Management of Education Seyed Ali Mousavi 00986153267011 00986153267011


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