Organization Chart

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 Position  first name and last name Phone number Email  
CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors Esmaeel Zamani +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۲ zamani
Board member Ali Shamkhani +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۲ shamkhani
Board Member   Mohammad Fourozandeh +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۲ forozandeh
Board Member Mohammad Mokhber Dezfuli +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۲ mokhber
Board Member

Deputy of Management Development

Ahmad Rostami +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۷۰۲۵ rostami a.rostami
Deputy of Investment Mohammad reza Motamedi ۰۰۹۸۶۱۵۳۲۶۸۲۸۱ ۱L1A0464
Deputy of Civil & Technical Affairs Mouood Shamkhani +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۹۰۰۶ shamkhani mood_shamkhani
Deputy of Social, Culture and Tourism Seyed Morteza Neematzadeh +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۰ nematzadeh
Management of Managing Director Office Seyed Ebrahim Mirmusavi +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۲۸۱  seyed_mirnousavi
Management of Investment Mahmood Eidan Torkzadeh ۰۰۹۸۶۱۵۳۲۶۸۲۸۱ torkzadeh
Management of Public Relation & International Affairs Ebrahim Echresh +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۰۸۲ info Echresh01
Management of Performance & Objections Issa Khazinepour +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۴۰۱۷ khazinehpor2
Management of Business Development Hassan Cheraghi Kootiani +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۷۰۱۱ h.cheraghi
 Contract Management & Legal Affair Seyed zein-Alaabedin Moosavi +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۷۰۱۱ zeynolabedin_mousavi
Management of Planning Shirin Mishel Ghashghaiy +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۰۸۰  
Management of Finance Fereidon Yazdanifar ۰۰۹۸۶۱۵۳۲۶۶۰۲۶
Management of Civil & Geographical Information Majid Rahimi +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۹۰۰۵  rahimi
Tourism management Mehdi Asadian +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۰۸۰ asadian
Management of Employment & Job Affairs Masoud Nejadhalafi +۹۸۶۳۱۳۳۳۸۰۸۴ nezhadhallafi2
Management of Improving business environment and competitive development Jabar Aboudzadeh +۹۸۶۳۲۴۲۱۱۱۱۴ aboodzadeh
Management of Ceremonial Hamid Nikpey   info hamid_nikpey
Management of Support Mojtaba Ganjizadeh ۰۰۹۸۶۱۵۳۲۶۶۰۶۶    
Management of Human Resources Ali Ramezani ۰۰۹۸۶۱۵۳۲۶۷۹۱۱    
Management of Statistics and Project Management Mohammad Hossein Norollah Dezfuli      
Management of Development and Facilitating Production Mohammad Nezarat