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The latest rules and regulations of special economic zones can download it from here

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Law & Regulations

 Law on the administration of Free Trade-Industrial Zones
 Newly Established Free Trade-Industrial Zones
 Executive bylaw on Issuance of visa to foreign nationals in the Free Trade-Indaustraul Zones
 Regulations on entry and Residence of Foreign Nationals
Bylaw on Monetary and Banking Operation In the Free Trade-Industrial Zones
Executive Guideline for the Monetary and Banking Operations in the Free Trade-Industrial Zones
Regulations on the establishment and Operation of Insurance institutes in the Free Trade – industrial Zones
Criteria on Registration of Companies and Property Rights
Regulations on Exports, Imports and Customs in the Free Trade-Industrial Zones
Regulations on the Use of Land and other National Resources in the Free Trade-Industrial Zones
Permanent Permissibility of Import of Goods Produced in the Free Zones in to the Mainland
Special Facilities for Import of Goods, Produced in Free Trade–Industrial Zones, in to the Mainland
The manner of ingress of raw materials and parts from the Free Zones (into the mainland)
Peculiarly manufactured or rebuilt goods, permissible into the mainland
Employment of work force, Insurance And Social Security
Comparison table indicating legal status on economic activities in Iran’s Free Trade-Industrial Zones and Special Economic Zones
Regularities of Automobile Imports in Free Zones