• Abadan Oil Refinery

    Abadan Refinery which has passed 100 years from its establishment is Iran's first industrial complex and the mother of Iran's industry. In 20 century and before Saddam's missile attack, this refinery was the world biggest refinery. Nowadays Abadan Refinery is Iran's biggest refinery and world's 4th biggest refinery. It is one of the country's biggest industrial units which in term of variety of production is the biggest refinery and one of the biggest centers of world Oil industry so that its production are more than 100 cases.

  • Khorramshahr Central Mosque

    As the Central Mosque was the center of all Muslim affairs in beginning of Islam, after 1400 years, the Central Mosque was center and focal point for all affairs in Khorramshahr. It was a place for command of defense , strength and support of city's defenders. At hard times of defense, the only thing encouraging was high and resistant minaret of Central Mosque. Central Mosque was not secure from invasion of enemy cannon and mortar and it got damaged from cannon and mortar in 24th October 1359. And after the years of resistance,   Khorramshahr Central Mosque is changed to pilgrimage place for visiting pilgrims and tourist.

  • Sports in AFZ

    List of Sports within Arvand Free Zone

    • Naft Sports complex
    • Recreational Sport Complex of Breim lake
    • Nakhl Zeiton Cultural Sports Complex
    • Kargar Sport Complex ( swimming pool, sport field and lawn)
    • Horse riding Club and polo
    • Sport Golf field
    • sport Hall of Marie Science and Technology University
    • Santap Artificial lawn field
    • Artificial lawn field of Khorramshahr Shahredari Martyr in Shalamcheh
    • Artificial lawn field located in Moghavemat square in Minoo Shahr
    • Roof covered Hall of Minoo Shahr Martyrs located in Choome
    • AFZ roof covered Hall near Khalije Fars International University in Minoo Island
    • Soccer field of Custom Department in Abadan International airport
    • Sports hall of Khorramshahr Marine Base
    • swimming pool & paintball field of Carvansara Hotel

  • Abadan Museum

    It was established in north Bowardeh neighborhood in southwest corner of Abadan Oil School in land with approximately 3800 square km by Ali Hanibal  and  Abadan Oil Refinery and ultimately launched in 134. At Abadan Museum had 4 hall for showing collection of archeology, anthropology and national arts. It has collection of work from prehistoric, historic and contemporary , works from recent periods to Qajar period and work of traditional artists workshops. Abadan Museum is not registered in index of Iran National works. Abadan Museum was off in 8-year War. After the end of war, it was closed for repairing .At last it is reopened after 15-year closure. Abadan Museum has a main hall and two side halls. The main hall is place for displaying permanent works like works from Susa( first millennium), works of Safavid & Qajar period. Anthropology works and traditional art categorize in this collection. One of the side hall is dedicated to temporary exhibition and other side hall is changed to library and auditorium. A few years later, one of side hall of Abadan Museum became Department of Cultural Heritage, handicraft and tourism of Abadan & Khorramshahr. Finally, its protection system and lighting of external area is updated. Characteristics & architecture of Abadan museum   Conical dome of main entrance of Abadan Museum is inspired from Prophet Daniel tomb in Susa. This conical dome is built with 22 m and 50 cm height and consists of 8 main column which are connected to each other in the top. Main building of Abadan Museum is built in one floor and side hall is changed to museum of Anthropology and clothes of Khuzestan people, Arabs, Bakhtiarian, Qashqai, Sabean Mandaean. At the center of main hall with approximate area of 240 m is dedicated to works from ancient Persia to late period of Qajar. Some of Abadan Museum works include: bronze Idol, horse mouth, sculptures of animals (Lorestan & Ilam), spherical grey container with tube made in wheelchair style and bronze effigy. Museum of Sacred Defense      Cultural & Artistic center of Sacred Defense or Khorramshahr War Museum has a collection of Sacred defense works during 8-year of Imposed War and attracts about one million pilgrims and Rahian Noor every year. This building was built by English Oil Co. in 1309 and after nationalization of Oil Industry, the first core of Iranian National Oil Company was set in this building. It was their headquarter during occupation of Khorramshahr by Iraqi Baathist, and it becomes Cultural & Artistic Center of Sacred Defense after liberation of Khorramshahr

Sports in AFZ

List of Sports within Arvand Free Zone

Abadan International airport

Minoo Shahr

Recorded Cultural Heritage